2019 Volleyball schedules are posted under http://www.metrovbconference.org/schedule.html:
Boys 5th Grade "Luke" - TJ Goedheer
Girls 5th Grade "Matthew" - Chris Gabel
Girls 5th Grade "Luke" - Andrea Gehrke
Boys 6th Grade "Matthew" - Bill Serb
Girls 6th Grade "Matthew" - Jeremy Greasby
Girls 7th Grade "John" - Kate Goedheer
Girls 7th Grade "Matthew" - Mark Hickok
Boys 7th/8th Grade "Matthew" - Chris Gabel
Girls 8th Grade "John" - James Leverenz
Girls 8th Grade "Matthew" - Ron Radke


First day of league matches will be:

 Friday Sept. 6th for boys

 Saturday Dept. 7th for girls


Please be sure to have your physical, concussion form, and all other necessary documents turned in PRIOR TO THE START OF SPLITS.  Documents can be found online by clicking on the ATHLETICS menu above (Athletics Home Page).  Forms can be brought to splits, but must be turned in prior to participation or your son/daughter will not be allowed on the court.  Questions, contact Bill Serb, Athletic Director at [email protected]


The 2019 Elizabeth Seton Volleyball Championships will run 10/28 to 11/3.