Summer Information 

The summer order dates are to be determined. You may order Scrip – all summer long! These are the dates the orders will be placed. You may change your pick up location to one of the Waukesha Parishes by changing your online profile at Otherwise, your order will be available for pick up in the Administrative Offices (during business hours) after 1:00 p.m. on Thursday following the Monday order date.

Cash 'n Carry Scrip will also be available at St. Mary, St. John Neumann, and St. William parishes on the weekends.




PDF icon SCRIP Packet 2019-20.pdf


How to Order

Scrip is ordered on-line at Shop with Scrip -

The Waukesha Catholic number is 8AL3CL461142. Print the order form, attach a check made out to Waukesha Catholic, and send it to the campus your child attends. The deadline for weekly orders is Monday morning by 9:00 A.M. The order will be ready 3 days later on Thursday. It can be sent home with your child or you may pick in up in the school office. Please specify which campus your child attends.


Scrip is an ongoing fundraiser involving each Campus location and three of the Waukesha Parishes. Each Monday morning all orders are processed and filled on a weekly basis, usually by the end of day on Thursday. Scrip is just another word for gift certificates from national and local retailers. They're the same gift certificates that you buy at the store. Many popular retailers participate in our Scrip program including Pick N Save, SuperAmerica, Chancery, Culver's and many more. Retailers agree to sell certificates to our school at a discount. School families buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and our system keeps the difference as revenue. The retailers that participate in the Scrip program are willing to give our school between 2% and 20% of every dollar that you spend with them. All of us buy groceries and gas...some of us use coupons... none of us would turn down "extra money"! You earn money for our school without spending a single additional penny.

Tuition Credit Program

The purpose of the Scrip Tuition Credit program is to allow Waukesha Catholic families to generate reduction in their family's tuition costs by purchasing Scrip certificates. Scrip certificates are gift certificates provided to Waukesha Catholic at a discount by participating retailers. These certificates are sold to and redeemed by families at face value by the retailer. The difference between their cost and their redemption value (Scrip Profit) is used by Waukesha Catholic to help offset the operating expenses. In an effort to provide additional assistance to participating families, the Scrip Tuition Credit Program allows families to earn credit toward the following year's tuition costs.


Additional Details

  • A participating family must fill out an agreement form.
  • The family will receive 50% of the Scrip profit generated by their family's weekly order in the form of Waukesha Catholic tuition credits for the following school year.
  • Waukesha Catholic Tuition Credits are NOT redeemable for cash.
  • The credit amount must be a total yearly minimum of $60.00.
  • Contact your local campus for more details and guidelines or call the Administrative Offices at 262-896-2929, ext. 1331.


Scrip for Businesses

Scrip also works great for business owners to give for employee incentives or employee gifts at the holidays. Companies can order Scrip Pizza Hut, for example, and throw a pizza party. We can make it convenient for you to use, call for details at 262-896-2929, ext. 1331.