Home & School Association

The primary purpose of Waukesha Catholic Home and School is to foster a spirit of Christian unity among our families and staff. We accomplish this goal by hosting Welcome Back Social, Room Parent Coordination, Student Socials, Grandparents Day Hospitality, Staff Appreciation Meals, Catholic School's Week Hospitality, Teacher Appreciation Week and the Walk-A-Thon.

When does Home and School Meet? 
Committee chairs and event coordinators meet the second Monday of the month alternating between 9:00AM or 6:00PM to allow for everyone to attend. Please see the monthly calendar to confirm if it is an AM or PM meeting. Everyone is welcome—including younger children. See our event list below for a calendar of social activities.

How do I get involved?
Come to a meeting, e-mail us at [email protected] or talk to another “veteran” parent who is at an event. You may choose how much you’d like to volunteer.

Find event registrations on SignUp Genius. Search under HomeAndSchool on the website at WaukeshaCatholic.org to find all current Home and School events.

Why should I get involved?
Meet new friends! Have fun! Make a difference for your child!


Home & School Board Members

Kathy Murphy-Ott - Chair, [email protected]

Jacquelynn Metoff - Co-Chair, [email protected]

Joy Suzik, Treasurer, [email protected]

Mary Butler - Secretary, [email protected]

Karen Chyla - Staff Appreciation, [email protected]

Jacquelynn Metoff - Community Building, [email protected]

Mary Butler - Room Parent Chair, [email protected]

Bridget Panlener - Student Socials, [email protected]

Karen Flesses, Restaurant Benefit Nights, [email protected]

Angelia Vogt - Principal Liaison, [email protected]



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H&S - Event Summary.pdf


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