Focus on the Whole Child
Fostering the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical development of our children, while recognizing each one’s uniqueness.

Academic Excellence
Measuring our programs, teachers and students against the highest national standards.

Catholic Faith
Embodying the practice of Catholic family values and participation in the sacramental and moral life of the Church.

Reflecting human dignity in our actions toward self and others.

Being accountable for one’s actions and attitudes.

Demonstrating honor for God and all God’s creatures.

Exemplifying our commitment to attract students and faculty who represent the cultural, economic and family makeup of our community.

Removing barriers to make Catholic education possible for all children.

Involving students, their families and parishioners in the life of the school, parish and community.

Our Mission

Waukesha Catholic instills faith and inspires futures by nurturing each child's gifts with an education rooted in the Gospel values and a culture of community, compassion, and love.