Technology Goals for Your Student

Technology Goals for Your Student

by Patty Callaway, Technology Assistant

No matter where we live or what we do, technology has an ever-growing influence in our lives. Today’s students know this first hand. These “digital natives” come to school ready and excited to learn.

Our job as parents and educators is to embrace their excitement and help them to realize their full potential. Many students enter school with basic technology competence already. At Waukesha Catholic, we strive to incorporate new skills to help them learn effectively and live in an increasingly digital world.

There are six standards that help educators guide technology instruction. The International Society for Technology in Education has divided these skills into broad categories. Students may recognize these standards by their kid friendly terms. Students should understand how to:

  1. Make It. The ability to think creatively and develop innovative products. 
  2. Solve It. The ability to think critically, solve problems and make informed decisions.
  3. Use it. The ability to understand and use applications effectively.
  4. Find it. The ability to gather, evaluate and use information.
  5. Say it. The ability to use digital media to work collaboratively and contribute to the learning of others.
  6. Protect it. The ability to practice legal and ethical behavior related to technology.

Our goal at Waukesha Catholic is to provide a rich learning environment where students can emerge prepared and equipped to live in an increasing digital world.

Patty Callaway is the Technology Assistant for Waukesha Catholic – St. Mary Campus, the elementary campus of the K3 – 8th grade Catholic school in Waukesha. Patty personally works with students to help them learn how to integrate technology into their studies.