'No Greater Love' by John Schellhase

'No Greater Love' by John Schellhase

Why do we honor veterans? Veterans are willing to risk their lives for the country they love and for the people they love. It takes a lot of bravery and love to do that. They are truly amazing and deserve more recognition than they get. But what makes them so special? They care so much about their country and their family that they do what is needed to keep their family and country safe. Jesus says in John 15:13, "There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." This sums up the question of why they are so honored. People can have no greater love than to serve their country. It is unbelievably breathtaking that people are willing to risk their lives. Everyone needs to see that their love is unbeatable and no one can love more than they do.

That's why it is so hard for me to see so many veterans homeless. They should all be able to come home to an extremely loving and thankful country, but for some reason or another, some just can't, and end up being homeless. Just today my family saw a veteran on the side of the road asking for money because he was homeless. He started walking away, so we drove around the block three times trying to help him.

My step great grandpa, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked, is buried at Arlington Cemetery. My step grandpa, who was also a naval officer, has arranged to be buried there when he dies. The unknown soldiers deserve a special recognition because their names aren't known and their families couldn't have a welcome home or even a proper burial for their loved ones.

Veterans deserve all the respect in the world because they have so much love for their country and their country's people.


This is the first in a series of four essays by Waukesha Catholic students about veterans. These four students had the opportunity to place a wreath at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during Waukesha Catholic’s inaugural 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.