2015 "FUND-A" for Technology

2015 "FUND-A" for Technology

by Patty Callaway, Technology Assistant

The 2015 Waukesha Catholic Annual Auction, Tuscany Tonight, was a huge success! Many people showed their support and gave generously to continue to make Waukesha Catholic a place where our students can pray, learn and grow. We are blessed to be part of such a wonderful community! Thank You.

Thanks to all of you who gave so generously to our “Funda” campaign! Our technology plan for the next three years is ambitious. It reflects our need to continue to grow our infrastructure to support the needs of our students, assist our teachers with critical professional development and most importantly, to improve student learning.

We are convinced that technology helps students to reach their full potential and gives them the opportunity to have real life experiences. Digital learning is a critical part of our students’ experiences.

The students want everyone to know how important those experiences are to them. They had a little fun explaining the top ten reasons why they need to have digital learning experiences.

On behalf of the staff, teachers and students, enjoy their short presentation. Thanks again for all that you do for Waukesha Catholic.

Funda Top Ten List


Patty Callaway is the Technology Assistant for Waukesha Catholic, a K3 – 8th grade Catholic school in Waukesha. Patty personally works with students to help them learn how to integrate technology into their studies.